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Primitive Pottery 3-Day Workshop March

You’ll learn how to find & process clay, make pottery & fire your work the traditional way in this 3 day workshop!

When: March 13th, April 3rd & 4th

Where: Meander 

Host: Jasmine Rocca 

Cost: $320pp (Deposit of $100 must be paid upon booking)


DAY 1: 10am-3pm       Saturday 13th March


On day one of Primitive pottery we will meet at the beautiful Huntsman lake and learn how to find, harvest and process our own clay.

We will then cook up some tea and damper for lunch on the fire and start creating with clay.



Looking out over the magnificent Hunstman Lake you will make a number of clay pieces by hand and learn some fun pottery techniques. There will be an emphasis on the traditional techniques that have been dated back to 29,000 BC.

You will take home your clay creations, a polishing stone and the skills to find, test and process your own clay.

Please bring lunch, drink bottle and hat. Swimmers if you want to have a dip in the lake.



DAY 2: 10am- 2pm        Saturday 3rd April


NOTE: This day will be a month after the first one so we can be certain your pieces are completely dry and ready for firing.

On Day 2 we will meet at another beautiful location, Jackeys Marsh, and talk about different firing methods. We will be using a hand made rocket kiln and will experiment with adding a range of different materials to our kiln to bring out colours on our clay.

You will learn the ins and outs of this traditional firing process and come away with the confidence to find your own clay, process it, make something and fire it. We will make another yummy meal over an open fire,  and come back the next day to retrieve our work. (This must be done the next day for a slow cooling down process)

Please bring any fruit skins (banana, avocado, citrus), seaweed, copper wire, nut shells or anything else you would like to experiment with. A hat and drink bottle.


DAY 3: 10am-12pm      Sunday 4th April


NOTE: This day will be the day after we fire our work to allow for a slow cooling process.

The final step and the most fun! We will take out our work, admire and have a cuppa.

No experience necessary. Limited spots.


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